Transfer Information

The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) contains information about the transferability of courses within Arkansas public colleges and universities.  Students are guaranteed the transfer of applicable credits and the equitable treatment in the application of credits for the admissions and degree requirements.  Course transferability is not guaranteed for courses listed in the ACTS as “No Comparable Course.”  Additionally, courses with a “D” frequently do not transfer and institutional policies may vary.  ACTS may be accessed on the Internet by going to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education website (

Arkansas Course Transfer System-ACTS

Any student wishing to transfer from another college or university must submit, prior to or at the time of application, an official transcript of credits earned from all institutions previously attended and placement scores. If a transcript or placement scores are not available, the student should take the ASSET or Accuplacer Battery administered by the College. Transfer credit will be accepted for college-level work that fits the ASU Three Rivers educational program in which a "C" or higher grade is earned at other accredited colleges and universities. Transfer credit in computer applications courses will be accepted only if the course has been taken in the last five years.

Final approval of transfer credit rests with the Registrar. Credits earned at business colleges and other specialized schools must be evaluated and approved by the Registrar before credit will be granted. College credit earned while in military service must be reviewed by the Registrar. College Level Examination Program (CLEP) scores should also be forwarded to the Registrar. Transfer students must meet the general admissions requirements of the College.

ASU Three Rivers Admissions Policy and Procedure

2+2 Articulation Agreements
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Transient Students
Students who are maintaining primary enrollment at another college or university may enroll in courses at ASU Three Rivers for transfer consideration. Students must complete an ASU Three Rivers application for admission and submit either a letter of good standing or an official transcript from the primary institution. The transcript will be reviewed for evidence of good standing to ensure proper course placement at ASU Three Rivers. ASU Three Rivers will not admit students who are on academic suspension from another institution of higher education. A student's term of academic suspension must be completed before enrolling at ASU Three Rivers in order to ensure acceptance of credits by the student's primary institution. Students must contact the ASU Three Rivers Registrar in writing with a valid signature to have an official transcript forwarded to another institution.