Campus Safety and Security

The Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration has been designated Chief Security Officer by the Chancellor. This position oversees the safety and security programs of the college. The campus safety and security department operates from the information desk in the main building on campus. The department is staffed by one full time employee and several part time employees. The primary mission of the department is to ensure a safe and healthy environment and compliments the educational mission of the college.

Although the college has been fortunate in not experiencing crimes, you should exercise the same precautions that you would utilize in any public area; you are encouraged to be responsible for your own security and the security of others. A truly safe environment can only be achieved through the cooperation of all students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors.

Local and state law enforcement personnel are, by invitation, responsible for enforcement of local and state laws on campus. Incidents, including accidents, involving local and state laws are to be referred to the appropriate local authorities for disposition by the Chief Security Officer.

Any event involving campus security or safety, including on-campus accidents which may or may not result in injury to person or property shall be reported to the Chief Security Officer or Chancellor as soon as possible. The Incident Report Form, available from the information desk, is the acceptable method of reporting campus security matters. The administration maintains a close working relationship with the police department. To report a crime or emergency, respond directly to the College in person or by calling 337-5000 or 1-800-337-0266 or call local police at 911. You may also contact the Chief Security Officer directly at 501-332-0252.

Current Threat Level