Concurrent Enrollment Program

Concurrent Enrollment Definition
Concurrent Enrollment is the enrollment of a high school student in a college course taught on a high school campus (or in selected cases on the college campus) for high school credit and college-level credit.

Act 1097 of 1991 of the Arkansas General Assembly provides that students who are enrolled in an accredited high school and meet the admissions standards of ASU Three Rivers may concurrently enroll for academic courses.  ASU Three Rivers enrolls qualified students through its Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP).  Your school district in conjunction with ASU Three Rivers (ASUTR) may have entered into an agreement and signed a Memorandum of Understanding that allows eligible students to earn high school and college credit for the same course taught on the high school campus by credentialed high school/ASUTR faculty or for courses taken on the college campus.

The Concurrent Enrollment Program allows students to

  • Earn high school and transferable college credits simultaneously.

  • Gain early exposure to college-level work.

  • Reduce the time to attain a college degree.

  • Reduce future college expenses by getting reduced tuition & fees while in high school.

ASUTR’s Concurrent Enrollment Program is proud to be one of only 98 NACEP-accredited programs in the nation.  For more information, visit

National Allliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships

Please contact your school district to see if they participate.  You may also see Admission Requirements and other information in the attached Concurrent Student Handbook.

Concurrent Student Handbook 2023-2024
Concurrent Instructor Handbook 2023-2024
Concurrent Enrollment Program list of courses 2023-2024
Concurrent Course Descriptions 2023-2024