Adult Education


We, the Arkansas State University Three Rivers Adult Education program, fully believe in the Mission Statement of Arkansas State University Three Rivers (ASUTR).  We further believe and are committed to the idea that our primary purpose is to provide educational opportunities for our students.  We agree to value the worth of each individual and are committed to sharing our understanding and knowledge without regard to race, sex, creed, religion, nationality, or disabilities.  We are committed to motivating and encouraging our students to continue their education, to join the workforce and to function as a competent member of society.


ASUTR Adult Education program offers to interested students an opportunity to complete or expand their education.  The program is designed for adults (students 16 or 17 years of age, the state age of compulsory attendance, may be enrolled under certain conditions) to accomplish the following:

  • To acquire the basic skills necessary to function in society;

  • To continue their education to at least the level of completion of secondary school;

  • To take advantage of means of receiving training that will enable them to become more employable, productive, and responsible citizens.

Emphasis is also placed on providing educational opportunities to those least educated and most in need, such as older persons, minorities, single parents, teen parents, unemployed, and the educationally disadvantaged.  Students will receive training in High School Equivalency (HSE) curriculum, study skills, job search, and life skills as needed.


Adult Education (GED) is available to students with education less than a diploma, requiring an Arkansas High School Diploma (HSE) or training or retraining for further education.

Basic Skills Enhancement provides a review of academic areas for the high school graduate in need of upgrading skills for personal satisfaction, to enter higher education, the military, or the workforce.

College & Career Access Program (CCAP) is offered for those individuals whose placement scores fall below the required college admission standards. CCAP provides free instruction in reading, math, and language skills needed for college entrance. CCAP also helps develop skills that will help with college success for years to come.

Digital Literacy provides hands-on experiences for the beginning student: This includes computer literacy for students who wish to further enhance their basic computer knowledge.

English as a Second Language (ESL) allows adults with English as their second language to learn and/or improve their English speaking, reading, and writing skills.

IET: The Integrated Education and Training program, or IET, is a designed to be a program that quickly boosts literacy and work skills so that students can earn credentials, get living wage jobs, and put their talents to work for employers.

Life-Skills Education provides for self-improvement skills in vocational, employment, and academics along with problem-solving skills, which may be applied to everyday situations.

Workforce Alliance for Growth in the Economy (WAGE™) classes are available as a pre-employment training program that prepares potential employees in workplace skills, applied academics, problem solving, and computer literacy.  Certificates available are: Workforce Preparation, career centered Level II, National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). See separate page for additional information.


Our GED, ESL, CCAP, and WAGE™ classes are all free – you only need to provide your effort!  For more information, contact the center in your area: 

Email Dr. Casson Brock, Director

Malvern / Hot Spring County:  501-332-1915

Sheridan / Grant County:  870-942-4402

Arkadelphia / Clark County:  870-246-1104